Introduction to New Media Studies

This Film & Media Studies course is intended to introduce students to relevant concepts in new media studies. At the beginning of the semester, we talk about the origins of computing including its roots in the Jaquard loom. From there we branch out to talk about things like digital natives, remix culture, and social media's influence on our personal, professional, and student lives. I like using Nancy Baym's Personal Connections in the Digital Age for this course because she gives a great overview of how mediation (like cell phones and computers) have affected the way we communicate and the way that we relate to one another. The students also find this text accessible, and can make easy connections between the text and their own uses of media. Beyond that, I designed this class so that students are working in the media that we talk about. They keep a weekly reflection blog, learn HTML, and contribute to a class wiki related to course topics so that they are both working in and thinking critically about new media.