Gender Studies Courses

Gender and Online spaces

I designed this as a lower-level course that introduces some basic theories related to gender in online spaces. The book, Selfies: Why We Love (and Hate) Them by Katrin Tiidenberg is a fantastic introduction to many of the sociological concepts that undergird internet studies as well as a thoughtful consideration of selfies as a form of valid identity construction online. Since selfies are often associated both with women and with narcissism, this text is an excellent grounding for an introductory course of this nature. The projects in this course are intended to assist students in a primary research project where they are conducting their own ethnographies. We work in class to discuss and take field notes on a social media platform (Instagram, preferably). After collecting their data, students are encouraged to think about the connections between their data and the course readings. Students work for the remainder of the semester to finish conducting some secondary research and then compiling their data, their secondary research, and course texts into a 6-8 page research paper.