Infographics & Visual Literacy

Every year, Arizona State University puts on an event for the public called the Night of the Open Door. ASU opens each of its five campuses and faculty and graduate students put together activities and workshops centered around the learning that happens in their particular departments.

For this Night of the Open Door, I designed a workshop around visual literacy and infographics titled "Infographics & Influence: A Master Class." This workshop centered around visual literacy and spotting what many call "fake" news-- that is, news that's either made up or not entirely truthful. The above slideshow played in loop in the background while I worked with people at stations set up for them to create their own infographics using Piktochart. I asked people to consider the ways in which they might present certain information in different lights to get a different message across, and how the interplay of text and images emphasized that message.

This is something that would also work as an in-class activity to introduce students to visual literacy and infographics.

Feel free to browse the materials for this Master Class in the Google Drive folder here.

Workshop instruction packet