Find below some TEDTalks that I've shown in my courses in the past. I find them to be good conversation starters. Students also usually enjoy watching and discussing them in class.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a brilliant author and speaker. I find this talk particularly helpful for opening fruitful dialogue about sexism. This is an especially good video if you're attempting to include more globalized views of feminism in your curriculum. She's written a book by the same titleAmericanahHalf of a Yellow SunThe Thing Around Your Neck, and Purple Hibiscus.

I also highly recommend this talk by her, which discusses the danger of hearing a story from a single voice.

Malcolm Gladwell's take on the familiar story of David and Goliath helps students to think about things they're already familiar with in a new way.

 Candy Chang asks students to rethink the way they view community (and art) in this TEDTalk.

This TEDxTalk by Ellen Isaacs explains the concept of ethnography. She talks about workplace ethnography and spotting the "hidden obvious" as a primary goal for an ethnographer.

In this TEDTalk, Ernesto Sirolli emphasizes listening to people, especially if you're trying to help them. This talk is great for helping students think about collaborating effectively (listening to one another and not talking over one another). It can also help students think through how to approach a proposal.

Paul Pholeros gives an example of a good proposal in this TEDTalk. Have students watch this and then dissect how he speaks to his audience, positions his proposal, and makes the argument for enacting this proposal.

This TEDxTalk by Ashley Stahl is a story of her journey to being a career counselor, and how that was not the career she had previously worked so hard for. Stahl gives 3 questions to ask yourself to decide your career, a good in-class exercise for the beginning of an Employment Project in professional writing courses.