Online Teaching Certification Program

For two years, I worked with a committee of ASU Writing Programs instructors, faculty, and graduate students to revamp our online teaching certification process. ASU Writing Programs recognizes the value in training teachers for the online classroom, and has been working to prepare Writing Programs teachers for the online classroom through workshops that emphasize relevant digital and composition pedagogy. I have held face-to-face training workshops about online classroom structure; digital literacies; application of tools in LMS systems like Blackboard and Canvas as well as other tools such as Google Drive; and ways to successfully and meaningfully integrate things like social media and reflexivity into the online classroom.

A major objective for this program is for it to be flexible enough to instruct a variety of teachers from new teachers who are tech savvy but perhaps not comfortable in the classroom to experienced teachers who have perfected their teaching style but are unfamiliar with online spaces and digital teaching tools. To do this, we have devised a badging system in which teachers must complete a minimum of 2 pedagogy badges (including one mandatory introductory badge), 2 application badges, and three interchangeable badges that may be filled with 2 skills badges, 2 application badges, or 1 pedagogy badge.

Pedagogy badges focus on the theories that should ground our thinking about teaching online such as theories of digital literacies or the change in mindset that teachers must have in order to create effective online curriculum. Application badges focus on the praxis side of things, or how to use online tools to enact the pedagogical theory. Finally, skills badges focus specifically on the how-to of the available tools. For more information, see the Writing Programs website.