A Brief History of the Internet

Every year, Arizona State University puts on an event for the public called the Night of the Open Door. ASU opens each of its five campuses and faculty and graduate students put together activities and workshops centered around the learning that happens in their particular departments.

This is my session/presentation from the Spring 2018 Night of the Open Door.


Web of Knowledge: 6 Degrees of Wikipedia

I designed this Night of the Open Door session as a short, 5-8 minute presentation followed by an online activity. We played 6 Degrees of Wikipedia. For this game, participants drew two topics out of a hat and attempted to find the shortest route between the two topics, beginning with one topic, and using only links in the Wikipedia articles to get to the second. 

This is also a fun in-class activity for a computer mediated classroom. It can work as an introduction to research or just to talk about open-sourced knowledge.